Truely Open Your Heart to GOD and Let Him In

I Cry Tears for His Glory

As I sit outside looking through the skies
gracious tears of joy come to my eyes
as I cry from deep down inside.

the tears are pure glory
not a sad or bad worry.
just praise straight from my heart
asking God just Where to start

I open my inner soul for GOD to come in
as I try to ask forgiveness for my mortal sins

I must cry tears for your glory

God, Father and Jesus Christ

I cry tears for your glory

with all my heart
I feel I'm a part
of your biggest plans

what's done is done
but what is to come
Glory, Glory, Glory

for your happiness oh Lord

Please forgive me for all my wrong
in not loving you right all along.

When I realize how I really feel
I just want to get down and kneel

and cry tears for your glory

Lord please have mercy on me
and give me the strength to see

the glorious lights of your way
in my last and final day

for I will still cry tears for your GLORY

thank you God for all I have
and thank you God for all I know
I just want to say thank you GOD
with my tears of glory

as I write this now
the tears are raining down
I'm so Happy that I Know
where I now will go

I Cry tears for his Glory

I Cry tears for his Glory was wrote to God
with LOVE by Trip Singer

I cry tears for his glory

I am all for GOD

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