To: Joel Osteen Ministries Lakewood church members
Subject: Message of Jesus, Salvation, and Hell

Lakewood Church Houston Texas Church Members,
I am writing this because I love all of you and want to help you know Jesus

Please Make Jesus the center of your life : Jesus is the only way

Joels feel good sermons for self help leave Jesus out cold

Joel Osteen only mentions Jesus when he closes his services

we have to rely on Jesus for everything not a man or ourselves

Read your Bible, call on Jesus daily, We cannot do it without Jesus

Give Yourself to Jesus Now

I read the Larry King Transcripts and Joel Olsteen denied Jesus a number of times

all the feel good sermons in the world mean nothing if he doesn't apply the word

if Joel Osteen can't stand firm on Jesus He should not be preaching.

Thank You

Your Brother in Christ

Letter for Mr. Joel Osteen

Please let us know if you made a commitment for JESUS
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