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Prayers for Hurricane Ike Storm : Thursday September 11, 2008

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of another storm Hurricane Ike. Today we will be forced to leave our home by Ike. Even with Ike coming and no matter what happens I Know GOD is in Control. I know no matter what happens it is for my best interest. I must say GOD has been so good to us, and I thank Him for everything he has done for me and my family.

With Ike coming in I ask for your prayer for those of us that are in the path of Ike, Pray for Ike to be used for the Glory of God, that people may come to know Jesus in these trying times.

Now all of us should be on our knees praying for the weakening of this storm, for the impacts to be minimal.

Dear Lord, Thank you Father for all you have done for us, thank you for the cross, for taking my sin for dying for me and the world so we may have salvation through your son Jesus. Lord I come to you today you know my heart, we are in a troubling time with this Hurricane coming please give us peace with this storm. please save our home I know there is a good chance our home will be destroyed and we will have no place to call Home. Please be with us today, be with all of us that are displaced, be with us in our travels, guide our paths. let this storm be weak, when it moves in and cause minimal damages to our area. Lord you have been So good to us Lord and I just want to praise you for all you have done in my life. I Just wanted to say you THANK YOU LORD

In Jesus' Name I Pray Amen

These Prayer may not be updated for some time right now we are expected to take a pretty bad hit from Ike. It may be a while I don't know how long it all depends on Ike's track

Please pray for us Dear Friends Please pray for God to show us where we are to go. we took a direct hit from Ike our whole town is gone Crystal Beach Texas We lost our Home. I know GOD has it under control. Please pray for his direction in our lives. Thanks Trip Singer

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