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Paul prayed for his kin
David prayed because of sin

Peter prayed when he thought he was drowning
Steven prayed on the day of his crowning

Moses prayed when the bush was burning
Jonah prayed before Ninevah began turning

Cain prayed because of the voice out of the ground
Eliijah prayed when the true God was found

Joshua prayed and the walls of the city fell down
Korah prayed as he slid into Hell

Jonathan prayed for the safety of his friend
Ezekiel prayed as the bones lived again

Naaman prayed when his skin became clean
Abraham prayed when thwe sacrificial ram was seen

Rahab prayed as she hid the spies
Lot prayed as she heard Sodam's cries

Gideon prayed as the small army he led
Samuel prayed as the oil ran down David's head

Saul prayed as he fell own his own sword
Nehemiah prayed as the sound of the building was heard

Esther prayed for the saving of the Jews
Akin prayed as he stood accused

The woman prayed with Jesus beside the well
Paul and Silas prayed and sang from the jail cell

Job prayed in the time of his dispair
Daniel Prayed when when no one else would dare

Zacchaeus prayed to see Jesus from a tree
Lazarus prayed at the words,"Lose and set him free"

Timothy prayed because his mother taught him
Children pay when they learn that Jesus loves them

John Prayed when he saw the Revelation of Jesus
Jesus prayed hanging on the cross four us


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