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Democrats can not be Christians...
Or Christians can not be Democrats By Jeremy Clifford

James Chapter 1:25-27

25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.

27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

Be without spot....Blameless....Dying Daily.....Seeking His Face........Humble and with longsuffering.......Charity.........God is Good.....Everytime.........But yet, He hates sin...........

Don't get me wrong there are lots of conservatives that will die and go to hell as well, but at this point in time in America, I will believe someone is saved that has a conservative moral nature that stands for right, rather than believe someone that sides openly with murderers and all manner of wickedness.......Where is your heart???

If you are a Christian, and side with this world..........Then you are at odds with the creator............If you say you love Jesus, yet you are in league with Satan.....What fellowship hath light with darkness????

ARE you a Christian Or A democrat??????????

Most People today seem to be religious, but their lives are empty and joyless. These same people claim to be saved, yet they resemble this lost and dying world. I am tired of those that claim to be saved and seek nothing for the cause of Christ. I have to believe that those that claim to be saved, yet live and side with the world's philosophy, are in fact in danger of the judgment....

This brings me to my point....I don't believe that a true Christian will reflect this lost and dying world. I don't think a true Christian will take part in the fight to destroy Christianity.....But those that are voting with the liberals, are doing just that....They are siding with satan.........

With the circus that we call politics today in America it is easy to see why much of the world not only dislikes us (Americans), but many hate our country and what it stands for. (If I were a fanatic Muslim that hated freedom, and all infidels should be killed, and everyday saw the headlines that come out of America, it is easy to see why certain people seek our destruction. Remember when Britney Spears and Madonna Frenched Kissed one another on television.?. The entire world saw what the heart of America holds dear. Remember all the people that are in the spotlight everyday from Hollywood with their drugs and adultery always stealing airtime from more important news? Who could forget our so called "Superbowl wardrobe malfunction"? Or the many serial killers that are still getting air time, even though some have been dead for many years.?. What about all the violence and killing across America {after we took prayer out of school}, that happen In the public school systems. Millions are on welfare and they are raising their kids to steal from the government too). I stand behind the fact that our nation was founded on Godly principles, as well as, the intention to always have the freedom to serve the god of ones choice. This does not mean that the people that choose to worship false gods are right, they just have the right to be WRONG. When this country was founded, people could worship without the government interfering. Millions had fled to seek asylum and be free from tyranny or religious persecution. Today however, if you even try to evoke Jesus Christ's name in America today, people and lawyers start screaming bloody murder. It is O.K. to say Allah, Mohammed, Buddha or some other empty deity, but don't you dare say Christ's name in public. Our nation is spinning faster and faster into the hell that awaits them by every counting second. Why do we continue to claim to be saved, and yet our country looks like that no one knows God, or has any moral integrity???? >From the outsider looking into America, it probably looks like a non stop drug induced, hedonistic orgy...And that is just our political leaders. Politicians even claim to be saved. Their often seen in a Huge Church(often times around election time) looking on while the Bishop or Priest or Cardinal gives the compromised watered down message. These politicians are the ones that often are seen in a church services, but they are as far away from God as one could get.

I have met many so called Christians that vote a straight democratic ticket at the ballot boxes. I have a family member that votes for the democratic party, and she goes to church almost every Sunday. You do not have to tell me that republicans are just as bad, I am aware of what so called conservatives are being caught doing, just like the rest of the world that has a front seat to our everyday lives in America. What I want those that claim to be Saved, yet they side with murder and gross immorality everytime they vote for the liberal agenda. Is everyone that votes democrat actually lost??? I doubt it, but they are for sure going against God's own nature when they vote this way. I also know that there is coming a day soon, that I will no longer be able to vote for either candidate that will run for office, due to the fact that even the so called Right Wing, is getting more Left Wing all the time. I will never stop praying for this country, but I will one day no longer vote because of compromise. Our nation is a left leaning nation. You can see how liberal our nation is, just by watching the National Network News...They have become liberal spin doctors, spinning their poison to our society, and people by the truckloads are eating it up.....Even so called Christians.,,,,,,There tongues are defiling our Nation.

Abortion is 100% Murder.....The Women does not have the right to kill an innocent baby.

Liberals like Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon are people that use their Hollywood weight to get convicted murderers off death row, yet the push as hard as they can spouting off that a women has a right to kill the life that is inside her. Why is it that these type of people carry so much weight in our society? They spend their lives acting like other people and get paid to do it. They have almost a 100% divorce rate, and many young Hollywood actors have been chewed up and spit out by an industry that is satanic in it's core. The rest of the world sees what is going on in our country, and they are either laughing at us, or they are preparing for our destruction. God has never given the woman or the man the right to kill, no matter what the age of the baby is..... Satan has deceived millions into believing that killing the innocent is just a surgical procedure, not unlike freezing off a wart, or cutting off a toenail...So called Christian's are taking part in these murders everytime they vote.

Homosexuality is 100% Sin....This perversion is not a part of your civil rights.....I have been seeing around town the bumper sticker that reads, "Keep your religion off of my civil rights"......Just because you do not believe there will be a judgment, does not mean there is not going to be one. Let God's word be true and every man a liar....We are not born gay, we are not given a gay trait from our parents. The only thing we have inherited from our parent is the sin nature that comes through every human's father. It has been passed down since Adam. There was one and only one that escaped this hand me down.....Jesus The Redeemer..and The Righteous......

Now more than ever in America, we live in open rebellion and sin. Homosexuals by the thousands are steeping out with hatred and calls for action against a traditional family. Liberals are destroying the covenant that God made with mankind. Liberals are destroying all the covenants that God alone established, but the Godly institution of marriage between a man and a woman is under sever attack....So called Christians are siding with this destruction. I don't care how many times a democrat; that claims to be saved, tries to justify their stance on the democratic agenda, they are always and forever going to be wrong. Let GOD's Word be true and every man a liar....We are not supposed to side with the sinner, we are supposed to witness to the sinner, tell them about the true way out of their destination in hell. We are suppose to act and live differently. Not judging them because they are wrong and condemned, but leading them out of condemnation into the justification that can only be found through Christ's blood.

When someone tells me they are a Christian, yet they side with ungodliness and wickedness I know they are deceived. I have loved ones for whatever the reason, side with the left wing crowd. They will swear up and down they are blood bought, but yet they side with the prince of all lies and the prince of this world.

If you are a Christian, and side with evil without any conviction, then you need to check your salvation.....Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost. Jesus came and ate with the sinners, but he also was there to tell them they were in danger of the judgment..He was there for the purpose of dying in their place...To give all mankind a chance at redemption.

John 3: 19-20 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

As a whole our society has accepted evolution and rejected the creator. Our country's leaders are pushing their lost beliefs on the public. The organizations like the ACLU and others that are pushing Christ out of our society are being driven by satan himself. You can claim that Christians are supposed to be tolerant of sin, but the Bible is clear, we are to never condone sin...We are to go and sin no more....Repenting of that sin nature and turning towards Christ...Not to continue in sin....What shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound...God forbid........The whole point of Christ dying on the cross was so that we could be sanctified through Him...Ultimately dying to self, and resembling Jesus through our lives. Democrats are not only liberal, but they are God robbers, child killers and homosexual lovers....The liberals not only love the sinner, but they promote the sin... Their agenda is do what makes one happy, and don't you dare judge them if they like deviant behavior. A true blood bought Christian is to separate theirself from the affairs of this world. There should be some conviction in their heart, a still small voice screaming at them, saying how can you side with such people.???? It is not being judgmental to stand against sin, and stand for right... We are all sinners, but salvation does not give us a ticket to sin...If you are truly saved, then your ideas of having a good time are going to change. Maybe not over night, but at some point other Christians should see the Holy Spirit inside of you...If you claim to know the truth yet you walk in darkness.........Then you are lying, or you are seriously out of God's will for your life......

We are facing a serious time in America....And when so called Christians are contributing to the problem, then only one thing will come as a result............It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Hebrews (9:27).

By my Brother in Christ

Democrats can not be Christians...
Or Christians can not be Democrats By Jeremy Clifford

Jeremy "Soon to be Preacher" Clifford
Victory Baptist Church
1800 East Archer Rd
Baytown, TX 77521
Baytown's Home Of Old Time Religion

Writings by Jeremy Clifford

Victory Baptist Church Baytown Texas


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